Monday, December 6, 2010

Used Truckmounts

There are two major types of carpet cleaning machines, truck mounted and portable systems. Each of these types of cleaning equipment can be broken down further into additional categories:

Truck Mounted methods:
- Direct Drive methods
- Slide In systems

Portable methods:
- Commercial Portable methods
- Consumer Portable methods

Truck Mount - Direct Drive

Direct drive truck mounts have a power take off (PTO) unit that the truck’s engine powers. They also have a heat exchanger to heat the water supply.
The PTO powers the vacuum and the pressurized water system.

Truck Mount - Slide In

Slide in units are self-contained systems. They use a small gas engine to generate power and heat.

Portable - Commercial

Commercial portable machines use electric motors for water pressurization and the vacuum. Some of them include a water heater as well. These are plugged into outlets for a power source.

Portable - Consumer

Consumer portable units use electric motors for water pressurization and vacuum. these typically do not include a water heater.

Used Truckmounts